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3rd Workshop on Bias and Fairness in AI

3rd Workshop on Bias and Fairness in AI

Workshop at ECML PKDD 2023, 22nd of September,
Torino (Italy)

Call for Papers is out now!

Fairness in Machine Learning continues to be a growing area of research and is perhaps now more relevant than ever, as new AI-powered applications like ChatGPT and MidJourney are being widely used by the public, and legal regulations of AI/ML (e.g., the EU AI Act) are close to being adopted. Initial studies on fair ML and AI bias focused on the technical aspects of discriminatory algorithms and treating fairness as an objective to be optimized. However, recent work recognizes the importance of taking a broader perspective that includes legal and societal implications, and involving various stakeholders in designing fair algorithms. 

This development calls for more cross- and multi-disciplinary research in this area, which is why the ECML PKDD 2023 will host the third edition of a dedicated BIAS workshop. 

Our workshop welcomes contributions in all areas related to fairness and bias in AI systems, and will provide a forum to connect researchers and foster new insights.

Proudly part of the ACM FAccT Network